How to Create Project Tag in Cloud Raya for More Organized VM Billing Report

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How to Create Project Tag in Cloud Raya for More Organized VM Billing Report

As today, Cloud Raya has a new feature again, named Project Tag, Create Project Tag gives you simplicity in managing and grouping your VMs into certain groups.

You might find it similar to VPC, but they have 2 different features. VPC grouped your VM into a networking group called Subnetwork. Meanwhile, Project Tag is more like grouping your VM for billing report efficiency. In short, Project Tag helps you to differentiate the billing of each resource, based on the tagging.

You will be able to find this feature when you are about to create VM and on the billing detail page of your account.

These are some of the activities in using Cloud Raya related to project tagging:

  1. Add Project Tag
  2. Grouping VMs into Tag
  3. Checking billing details based on Tag

Create Project Tag

↳ First of all, access the Resources menu -> Project Tag

↳On the ‘Project Tag’ page, there will be list from Group Tag that has been made. To create your Tag, you can click Add Project Tag.

↳ There will be a pop-up dialogue, then please give the Project Tag you are about to make a name and description. After that, click on Add Project Tag.

↳ The new tag you just made will be added to the list.

↳ You can do several actions regarding the Tag such as “edit” to change name, description, as well as deleting the Tag.

Grouping VMs into Tag

After the making of Tag is succeed, now we can start to group the existing VM into certain Project Tag. There are 2 ways to group the VM into the Tag,

Grouping at the VM creation process

↳ When we create VM, there will be additional steps. You will be asked whether you want to group the VM inside a certain Project Tag.

↳ This is how it looks when your VM has joined to certain Project Tag.

Grouping at the VM detail

Create Project Tag

↳ If you want to change or delete the Project Tag, you can get into the VM Detail page then click edit.

↳ Decide Tag that you want to adjust.

Check the Billing Detail Based on Tag

After we group the Project Tag based on our VM, we can start to classify the billing usage.

↳ Now access the “Billing menu – History”

↳ On the “Monthly Usage” tab, you can specify the usage detail from Project Tag you have made.

↳ If previously all the data will be displayed there,

↳ But now after Cloud Raya has launched the “Project Tag”, you can specify the data based on the Project Tag.

But you need to remember, for general data (the one that is not bound to certain project) will only appear when you choose “Data All”, for example Additional Volume (Snapshot, Backup), Additional Public IP, License, Acronis, Service, Object Storage.


Talking about Cloud Raya simplicity in setting and managing your resource, today we are not only having VPC to group VM based on the network, now Cloud Raya enable you as users to group “billing usage” with Project Tag feature.

Find more tutorial articles on our Knowledge Base page and find other technology insight and updates in Cloud Raya Blog page. Or even better, you can video stream the tutorials on our Youtube Channel.

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