VM Snapshot

Preserves the state and data of a virtual machine at a specific point in time.

How VM Snapshot Benefits You

Prevent Losing Progress

Effectively prevent losing what you have built on your VM.

Easy Rollback

Easily backup and restore your VM’S latest state anytime needed.

Increase Productivity

Efficiently increase productivity through VM enhancement.

Deploy VM Snapshot on

Cloud Raya's Dashboard

VM Snapshot

Snapshots are crucial to prevent your project or VM setup from being wiped out. Cloud Raya simple panel enables you to create your VM snapshot quickly to support your productivity.

Cloud Raya VM Snapshot

Can be Useful for

Can be Useful for

In Need to Test Virtual Machine

Develop Current VM Performance

Prevent Lost Caused by Unpredictable Failure

Get Benefits from

Other Features and Services

Features and Services

VM Backup

Gives security, high availability, and simplicity for your backup experience.

Acronis Cyber Backup

Combine backup and cyber security in one advance solution supported by AI for better Infrastructure protection.


Secure your infrastructure's networking access with Virtual Private Network.

Load Balancer

Hassle-free to high traffic, distribute to many VM as your worker

DNS Bucket

Manage DNS record easily from DNS Bucket dashboard.


Set up more secure public cloud environment with Cloud Raya VPC.

IP Management

Use more than one IPs without have to change the main address.

Storage Raya

Scale up your storage capacity anytime to support your growing business.

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Prevent Losing Your Project with VM Snapshot

with VM Snapshot