Simplify Your IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

As a public cloud infrastructure provider, CloudRaya provides a complete solution, starting from Virtual Machine, Storage, Networking tools, Backup, Security, Managed Service, and many more. All are provided in one simple panel that easily use by anyone, at anytime.

Virtual Machine


CloudRaya’s Virtual Machine can give high resiliency and uptime for it is built on a high-availability infrastructure. Supported by full DC grade SSD dan advance security, CloudRaya is capable to manage an intense workload and IOPS without worrying about data breach. What’s best about our Virtual Machine is the flexibility. Manage your VM’s resource however you need, scale up anytime you please.

A simple, secure, reliable, and flexible public cloud infrastructure

VM Instance

Get a simple yet reliable VM. Within a minute you can create your own and kick-start your project.

VM Backup

Secure your data and infrastructure by conducting regular backup on CloudRaya.

VM Snapshot

Create a save point for your VM to prevent loss caused by unpredictable issues.



CloudRaya supports heavy workload management by providing Kubernetes as a Service (KubeRaya), equipped with Container Registry feature (CloudRaya Container Registry). With our containerized service, you can simplify Kubernetes’ deployment and management process as well as give more scalability, agility, and resiliency to your application. All can be accessed in one simple panel by CloudRaya.

Kubernetes as a Service


Simplify Kubernetes' deployment complexity. KubeRaya provides optimum scalability and efficiency. You can deploy it anytime, anywhere.​

Networking Tools


We have all the networking tools you need. From VPN, Firewall, SSH Key, IP Management, DNS Bucket, to Load Balancer, we have them in one control panel so you can add them in just few easy clicks. Though we have a complete pack of networking tools, we keep on developing more network solution for you and your projects.

We provides all the network tools you need to support your cloud infrastructure performance


Give your cloud infrastructure safer networking access.

Load Balancer

Manage your traffic wisely to keep everything up smoothly.

DNS Bucket

Manage all your domains across providers in one simple control panel.


Build a safer and more isolated environment for your cloud infrastructure.

IP Management

Get your IP Management with CloudRaya in a simpler way.

Storage & Backup


CloudRaya provides several ways to save and secure your precious data. We have an Object Storage that is compatible with S3, integrated with API. We also have VM Backup that you can set the schedule anytime, or you can enhance your backup by using Acronis Backup in our marketplace. Last but not least, we have VM snapshot that will guard your project progress.

Our SSD Object Storage and Backup Solution give flexiblity and efficiency

S3 Compatible Object Storage

Get unlimited capacity of data storage. Save all your data in ease.

Others Services


Other services you can find on CloudRaya are APIs and managed services. We provide ready-to-use API documents anytime to optimize your project operations. We also offer managed service for those who need fully customized needs and those with IT limitation expertise to manage their infrastructure. All of these can be found in CloudRaya’s simple panel.

More services are provided to simplify your cloud management experience


Make your cloud journey more effective and valuable with CloudRaya's APIs.

Managed Services

Need an extended hand to take care of your infrastructure need? We are indeed up for that.



Optimize your CloudRaya infrastructure by adding various additional services available on the CloudRaya Marketplace. Our marketplace offers a range of solutions such as Acronis Cyber Backup, WHM cPanel, and SSL/TLS. Access these services easily in the simple CloudRaya panel, without the need to switch sites or platforms. Through the CloudRaya Marketplace, we are committed to always meeting your needs in an easy and fast manner, supporting the smooth operation of your business.

Additional services you might need

Acronis Cyber Backup

Backup and secure data can be done in one easy solution.

WHM cPanel

Have all your cPanel well-managed with WHM cPanel in CloudRaya.


Enhance your customer's trust by giving security guarantee to your site.


Most Wanted Products

Most Wanted Products

Start Up Start

  • 1 vCPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB Storage


Small R-4
  • 2 vCPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 80 GB Storage

Best Seller

Medium R-8
  • 4 vCPU
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 100 GB Storage

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Ready to deploy?