Building a Static Website Using Storage Raya S3 Bucket

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Building a Static Website Using Storage Raya S3 Bucket

A static website can be described as a website that does not have data traffic connected to a database, does not involve server-side scripting processes (such as the use of PHP, etc.), and usually its HTML files do not change periodically. With StorageRaya, we can store HTML files in a bucket so that they can be accessed over the internet.

Static websites have several advantages, such as allowing you to create a personal portfolio or other static websites.

Create a Bucket for a Static HTML Website

First, create a bucket to store your HTML assets. Check the CDN option to make the URLs more unique.

Upload and Access HTML Files in a Bucket

Now, access the bucket and then click ‘Upload File‘ to start uploading the index.html file to it.

Make sure to set ‘Public’ on File Permissions so that the file can be accessed from the internet.

Now, let’s try to access the index.html file through the browser by clicking ‘Copy URL’.

The static website is observed to be accessible without any issues.

To optimize the URL, we can access it through a CDN URL.

Further Activities

Based on this simple example, we can create a better static website by using CSS for styling and JavaScript for adding interactivity, making it suitable for a variety of purposes.


In this tutorial, we have learned the steps on how to build a static website using StorageRaya, S3 Object Storage from CloudRaya. The steps include creating a bucket, uploading HTML files to the bucket, and using CDN for unique URLs.

To explore more interesting tutorials, visit the CloudRaya Knowledge Base (KB) page and our Youtube Channel.

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