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A CloudRaya service that simplifies Kubernetes deployment complexity. KubeRaya offers another level of scalability and efficiency. Everything’s ready at your fingertips.

The Kubernetes Solution You Need

Fast Deployment

Leave the long process of manual deployment. KubeRaya simplifies the process for you, making it 3x faster. Save more time, focus on other work.

Container Orchestration

Orchestrate containers and the applications inside them. This simplifies your application’s complex management.

Highly Available and Scalable

Ensure your apps availability while keep it on budget. KubeRaya allows you to easily attach or detach new node to your cluster, anytime, on your demand.

Easy-to-use Panel

Easily manage your Kubernetes cluster. KubeRaya provides all the tools for cluster managament in one simple panel that can be easily used by all users.


Get the flexibility and agility on your environment. KubeRaya has the capability to integrate your cluster with various  technologies, tools, and systems from the outer environment.


Prevent the worst scenario of failures with KubeRaya. KubeRaya has the automate replication system by default. It helps your business recover faster and keep it running well.

Easy Way to

Deploy Kubernetes

Kuber netes

CloudRaya understands the complexity of Kubernetes deployment process. Hence we present KubeRaya, to simplify your Kubernetes needs.

Save More Time & Cost With

KubeRaya Free Migration Program


A seasonal program that allows you to migrate your existing Kubernetes cluster from the current provider to KubeRaya in a smooth, secure, and cost-free manner. This program includes evaluation services, monitoring, and full migration support.

Get Benefits from

Our Useful Features

Our Useful Features


Secure your infrastructure's networking access with Virtual Private Network.

Load Balancer

Hassle-free to high traffic, distribute to many VM as your worker

DNS Bucket

Manage DNS record easily from DNS Bucket dashboard.


Set up more secure public cloud environment with CloudRaya VPC.

IP Management

Use more than one IPs without have to change the main address.

Storage Raya

Scale up your storage capacity anytime to support your growing business.

Frequently Asked



A service that simplifies Kubernetes cluster deployment complexity. KubeRaya provides optimal scalability and efficiency. All ready to deploy anytime, anywhere.

Using Kubernetes manager in CloudRaya (KubeRaya) has numerous benefits, especially in terms of saving time and effort. KubeRaya service includes installation process, ready-to-use initial configuration, and ability to easily scale nodes. This way, you can focus more on your applications and services without having to get too involved in K8s infrastructure administration.

– Unique Region Location
– Tailored for organizations
– Node auto-scalling
– Simple panel

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