Load Balancer

Efficiently distribute traffic across your servers to
scale up your applications performance

Why We Need Load Balancer?

Improve Scalability and High Availability

Load Balancer creates redundant infrastructure within backend servers, which allows your application to be more scalable and maintain the high availability.

Reduce Downtime

Minimize the risk of downtime by distributing the traffic equally within your application servers.

Safer Maintenance

Perform system and software update without losing your traffic. Load Balancer helps you to distribute the traffic to the available server.

Available Public IP Address

Efficiently manage in-coming traffic. Load Balancer only require you to task one single IP address instead of a finite unique IP addresses.

Check How Easy

Deploying Load Balancer in CloudRaya

in CloudRaya

Make sure your websites and applications always run smoothly by managing the traffic wisely. CloudRaya gives easy access to setup and deploy Load Balancer to maintain your traffic.

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