and the mastermind behind Cloud Raya’s desk

CLOUD RAYA: Transforming
for the Better

Started in 2015, Cloud Raya was aiming at facilitating myriad emerging start-ups back then. As time goes by, Cloud Raya gradually transforms itself to become the cloud needs for all businesses.

Introducing Our New Logo, RAYA

Our New Logo

Raya is a manifestation of our spirits, values, and commitments to accommodate public cloud needs for the adventure of your venture.

Cloud outlines portray cloud computing and footprints, Raya-accompanied adventure of your venture.
Each endpoint symbolizes the start and finish lines, and the gestalt-shaped open door
is a gateway towards the large and secure Cloud Raya computing.

Raya represents our dedication to always be
the best partner anywhere anytime,
ready to accommodate your business within 24/7.



Cloud Raya is among the brands that Wowrack launched to accommodate public cloud needs for businesses of all sizes and types.

Wowrack itself is a one-stop IT solutions focusing on, but not limited to, cloud, data center, and connectivity.

CLOUD X Engine

Being a Wowrack original cloud panel technology, CloudX delivers users the most transparent, easy, and flexible public cloud services.

CloudX is simplifying compute, deployment and configuration in an easy, secure, effective, and intuitive manner.


Ready to Make Something Big?

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