Adding, Attaching, and Resize Root Storage Disk in Cloud Raya VPS

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Adding, Attaching, and Resize Root Storage Disk in Cloud Raya VPS

Another cool feature in Cloud Raya is managing your VPS storage which allows you to add, attach, and resize storage disk capacity your virtual machine has. Without further ado, lets see how to manage your virtual machine storage disk.

Adding and Attaching Storage Disk to Cloud Raya VPS

  • From Cloud Raya panel, navigate to Resources > VM List
  • Choose Storage tab from the current page
  • Click the Add new storage button, to add a new storage to your Cloud Raya Panel
  • Type the Storage label, then select the Storage Type and the available Storage Size
  • Wait until the new added storage is done provisioning
  • Click the Attach Storage, to attach the available storage to your virtual machine
  • Select the available Storage you want to attach
  • The final result should looks like the picture below
  • To attach an available storage to the VM, please click the Attach Storage button on Storage Tab in the VM panel
  • Choose the available storage, then click Attach Storage button

Resizing VPS Root Storage Disk in Cloud Raya

  • Navigate to Resources > VM List
  • Please select the virtual machine you want to resize
  • Choose Resize & Reinstall tab from VM Detail panel
  • Adjust the root disk size to your desire
  • In this example, we try to resize the root disk from 20 GB to 30 GB
  • Click Resize Root Disk, then wait until the root disk is done resizing. Please note that the restart may required


Congratulation! You have gained knowledge on how to add, attach and resize storage on your Cloud Raya VM. We hope you can determine a suitable disk size for your VM in the future. Check other knowledge base articles to find what you can do more in Cloud Raya.

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