A CloudRaya program for you who want to migrate the existing Kubernetes cluster from your previous KaaS provider to CloudRaya, to enjoy KubeRaya benefits and advantages.

A Program that Free You from The Hassle of Your Current Kubernetes Project.


Further About Free Migrating Program

Here's what the Free Migration Program offers to accommodate your Kubernetes cluster migration needs:
Assessment Process
Let us help you to assess your current Kubernetes state and need, for Kubernetes cluster that works most to your business needs.
Infra Design Process
There will be code writing for migration automation and the deployment process. Relax, our team got your back.
Migrating Process
Migrate and transfer all your applications. Our team will be there to ensure things run smoothly.
Comprehensive Support
Worry-free of downtime. CloudRaya team is ready to minimize the risk on the migration process.
Guidance by CloudRaya
Optimize your Kubernetes performance post-migration to experience the most of Kubernetes advantages.

Get the Benefits

We have more than Free Migration Program to offer, obtain extra benefits with us:
Cost Savings
Enjoy significant cost savings by eliminating migration service and dedicated human resource fees, reducing operational costs through CloudRaya's efficient cloud solution, and having high scalability and flexibility
Seamless Transition
We ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition by providing dedicated support from our experts. Our team will work closely with you to address any concerns and challenges, making your migration experience seamless.

Terms & Conditions

To get the Free Migration Program, you should meet the following criteria:
  1. Active Subscription:
    You should have an active subscription or spending commitment with your current cloud service provider to demonstrate a genuine interest in cloud services and the need for our migration support.

  2. Minimum 3 Last Monthly Spending:
    You should have a minimum spending of Rp7,500,000 per month over the last 3 months with your current cloud service provider.

  3. Non-Existing Users:
    You should be new to CloudRaya, meaning you have not yet subscribed to our cloud services. We welcome businesses looking to start fresh with CloudRaya’s offerings.

Go ahead fill up below form if you think you are eligible for this program.

Our sales team will contact you maximum in 3×24 hours

Free Migration Program Application

Program Application

KubeRaya Migration Form

KubeRaya Migration Form