Container Registry

CloudRaya Container Registry

CloudRaya Container Registry (CCR) is a secure and scalable container image registry feature that allows CloudRaya users, especially KubeRaya users, to easily store, manage, and deploy container images.

The CloudRaya Container Registry Benefits

Minimize Egress Cost

Accessing and storing container images within CloudRaya’s infrastructure allows you to reduce external pull costs, enabling the cost-efficiency.

Optimize Operations & Performance

CCR streamlines operations, simplify deployment processes, and enhances operational efficiency, boosting your overall performance.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Gain complete control over your image ecosystem. CCR offers secure storage & environment, and helps you comply with data and app regulations.

Sustained Scalability

Scale your registry effortlessly alongside your Kubernetes workloads. CCR offers continuous availability to ensure your applications run smoothly.

Reduce Dependency of 3rd Party

Reliance on external sources can lead to dependencies that hinder productivity. CCR enables you to have more control over your images.

Easy Way to Create

CloudRaya Container Registry

Container Registry

Store your container images easily, securely, and quickly with CCR. Check out how easy it is to create a container image repository!

This is How

CloudRaya Container Registry Work

Container Registry

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A CloudRaya service that simplifies Kubernetes deployment complexity. KubeRaya offers another level of scalability and efficiency. Everything’s ready at your fingertips.

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