Cloud Raya works based on


And here are what we believe in.

The "Cloud Raya" DIFFERENCE

By transforming, Wowrack enhances Cloud Raya in various aspects, starting from support, features and services, up to virtualization technology.

Our knowledge, experience, and ethos in perceiving changes
differentiate us from the others, thanks to SAFE.


Security is Cloud Raya’s upmost value, justifying our cause to be a reliable, trustworthy IT partner.

With excellent uptime and ISO 27001 certification, our services are the most exemplary customer-centric services.


With full 24/7 accessibility, Cloud Raya is always available in terms of virtualization technology backed with SLA-guaranteed support.

Cloud Raya infrastructure is well-supported by the always-on data protection and availability.


Cloud Raya delivers the most flexible cloud technology and infrastructure for every need.

Cloud Raya’s flexibility includes scalability, budgeting, adjustment needs, and diverse customization.


Efficiency is of the fundamental values in Cloud Raya’s leading customer-centric services.

Faster VM deployment, flexible billing plan, and user-friendly cloud panel permit more efficiency in terms of effort, time, and cost.

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